April 20th 2021

Dear God

I didn’t know how close to my heart this was until I heard the verdict

Guilty. Guilty. Guilty.

9 minutes 29 seconds

I can’t breath

I can’t breath

I can’t breath

Another black man stopped breathing

Because a white man thought he was above the law.

Hiding behind a uniform

People I love face the fear of this

Every. Single. Day.

Always aware

Of the danger I as a white person

Cannot see

Because it is not a danger to me.

Not even in their own beds are they safe.

And it breaks my heart

That I can’t change this.

But today

The jury did their job

They found a murderer guilty


May this only be the start

Of justice for all

The men, women and children

Killed because of the color of their skin

May this lead to

A change

Where police ask first

Talk second

And only shoot when they really, really have to

May this lead to

A change

Where it is unacceptable

To restrain someone

In a way

They can’t breath

Oh, Lord,

Let this be the start

Of something good






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